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Looks great! I can't wait to see more!

Exaggaration responds:

Well thank you so much!! I'm excited to continue work on this series

Wonderful work! I'm learning to animate in Krita too, it's my favorite animation program so far.

Excellent work! I love how vibrant and colorful everything is, and the animation has a ton of personality!

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This was a pretty fun game! I love the unique premise, especially the fact that we're never told WHY we wanna go to Hell. Just pick up a shovel and start digging, you've got a lot of digging to do!

The controls were simple, intuitive and tight. The hunger, pain and air meters were well-balanced for the most part, and the randomly-generated levels do a lot for replayability.

My biggest complaint is how quickly your health meter drains when you get hurt. One more than one occasion I died a few times in quick succession because I was in an area with an enemy and couldn't get out in less than a second or two. It was especially frustrating when I was almost at the end, only to wind up burning through all my lives in one spot.

Other than that, this was a really fun little title, and a permanent addition to my "Procrastination Pile". ;)

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Great work man! I'm always stoked to see more tunes from you :D

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He can bring the beach with him wherever he goes! Lucky...

Kilcra responds:

I could use that ability right about now. New York is frigid and I don't want to wear so many layers x<

They're fun to look at, too! I love those crazy eyes!

The use of lighting in this is quite nice. I love the way it puts the most emphasis on his claws and head, where it belongs. Great work!

My name is Jake & I make comics and cartoons I guess. I'm the captain of the Orbital Death Ray, which is super expensive cuz it runs on like, space fuel or protons or something. I make art so I can entertain you & enjoy the finest freeze-dried space food.


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